NO! managment protested.

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.

Shirtless Direction > 2013.



my best friends name is elsa and today she said “i wish people would stop asking me if i wanna build a fucking snowman”


Harry is upset he didn’t get a Louis’ cardboard (x)


the interviewer asked if their fans ever scare them and this was liam’s answer…


I decided to use my free time remaking the You & I video using the vocals only track plus extra sound effects, and was pretty happy with how it turned out. Hope you guys like it! :)



But why is he so pleased about being on vocal rest?

#cause he suck dick or die tryin x


one direction is kind of like that tv show that starts out all cute and innocent but by the third season everything’s gone crazy and doesn’t make sense but you keep watching because you have to

Comon Luxy get ya best frock on uncle @Louis_Tomlinson n uncle @Harry_Styles are comin for teeeea


some of the outfit choices i made 3/4 years ago haunt me everyday

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